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Dr. Matt11/23/2020 9:18:29 am PST

75 Percent Of Lawyers Say They Wouldn’t Support Their Firm If They Represented Donald Trump: Lawyers do *not* approve of what Jones Day’s doing.

Fishbowl, a workplace social network for verified employees, conducted a survey of 4,546 verified law professionals in the U.S. on their app. They asked a simple, yes/no question: “Would you support your firm if it represented the Trump campaign as it files lawsuits challenging the outcome of the election in several states?”

An overwhelming number — 74.92 percent — answered no. Fishbowl also broke out the results by location, and the place with the highest percentage of “no” answers was Washington, D.C., with 97.44 percent. That was followed by Massachusetts (81.92 percent) and Maryland (81.25 percent). And even the places with the highest percentage of “yes” answers, still, on balance, were resoundingly against the idea of standing behind your firm as it litigates on behalf of the Trump campaign (64.41 percent of lawyers in North Carolina said “no” to the question, which corresponds to the highest “yes” answers).