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Death Valley’s 113: hottest April temperature on record in U.S.


Heat wave shifts to central US — drought-hit West Texas in the crosshairs

The heat wave that baked the Southwest the previous two days is shifting to the central U.S.

Starting Tuesday, highs will reach into the 80s from Texas all the way up to the border with Canada, reported.

“Over 30 locations may tie or set new daily record highs Tuesday in the Rockies and Plains,” it added, and some areas as far north as Nebraska could reach into the 90s.
On Wednesday, West Texas will get blasted by triple-digit heat, forecasters said, worsening the prolonged drought that area has experienced. Midland will feel some of the worst of the heat.

“It looks like we’re going to break the record” for an April 25, National Weather Service forecaster Jack Ciccone of the Midland office told The forecast is for 101 degrees Fahrenheit, 3 degrees above the existing record set in 1996.