Michelle Wolf Explains How to Properly Crush the Souls of Trump's Cronies

Yeah Sure WhatEVs7/02/2018 9:38:51 am PDT

re: #245 Eclectic Cyborg

This saddens me.

I am part of a few Canadian groups on FB. On each one right now is an active thread advising what Canadian products to purchase in lieu of American ones, because of Trumps tariffs.

I never in my life though I’d see something like this. As a Canadian living in the United States the growing division between the nations is very troubling.

It’s not just the tariffs. What Trump has managed to do is get Canadian conservatives from the most conservative parts of Canada to support Trudeau, because no matter how much they dislike liberal politics, Trudeau is the Canadian PM and trump taking a shit on him on Twitter did not go over well. At all. With almost every Canadian citizen.

That was when Buy Canadian started. It wasn’t the tariffs. The tariffs just exasperated it.