Anti-Obama Rumor Mill Exposed Again

allanhateme4/22/2009 11:08:04 am PDT

re: #255 Adrenalyn

you want 0bama re-elected in 2012 …….

No, I absolutely don’t want 0bama re-elected. But having fever dreams of imagined conspiracies and supposed failings will only help him by marginalizing the conservative movement. Do you want to be moonbat? Are you no better than Janeane Garofolo? It would seem not.

As for boxy_brown, your analysis is wrong because it is built around baseless assumptions: you do not know what the ROE was, you do not know what the Navy’s standing orders were, you do not know what was going on at the scene. Not only that, you attempt to extrapolate disparate positions to support some hypothesis about how 0bama would likely respond. How does being against ‘torture’ (however he or you defines it) dictate how he would or would not respond to this situation? How often have the FBI, who we know were attempting negotiations, just lined up the snipers and ‘took the shot’? It’s ridiculous. We should be congratulating our SEAL’s and be happy the President let them do the job. Not second guessing and screeching like idiots about this and that based on unsourced internet rumors! Dear God people, there are real issues to be against 0bama and his ilk, no need to cheapen our opposition over bullshit.