Time Magazine Photographer Choked and Kicked by Trump Security at Rally

Sir John Barron2/29/2016 1:47:41 pm PST

re: #237 HappyWarrior

Rubio I think inspires resentment because I think a lot of establishment types like Christie feel he’s done nothing to deserve his favorite status. So yeah some of it could be plain old jealously. But honestly CHristie wasn’t wrong when he attacked Rubio’s absences from the SEnate.

I’m really not in favor of first-term Senators running for POTUS—and yes I realize Obama did this (and I believe Edwards was at the end of his first term when he first ran).

In Obama’s case, I’ll only say that at least he was running on a bi-partisan, bring-everybody-together kind of platform. I know wingnuts don’t see it that way, but like many Democratic centrists of years past, he ran attempting to sidestep and transcend ideological divisions. And there’s just a dignity about Obama that made it not seem like a ridiculous decision to vote for him.

But the Cruz-Rubio-Paul gang have been all conservative ideology all the time. Nothing high-minded about any of their campaigns. That makes their ambition and inexperience particularly worrisome.

But in general I’d would prefer POTUS candidates to have run for re-election in some notable office before making the big leap.