And Now, the Stunningly Corrupt Anti-Environment Head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, "Resigns"

Cheechako7/05/2018 4:51:54 pm PDT

I have a real hard time understanding today’s journalists. Did Journalism Schools drop the Class Journalism 101 - Society of Professional Journalist’s Code of Ethics?

For any Journalist to agree to stand in a cattle pen so they could be ridiculed by trump is certainly unprofessional. Do they actually expect trump to answer any questions from them? Or, do they expect to ask trump any questions? Hell no! The reason they’re there is to be trump’s foil.

Any Journalist could just stay in their A/C motel room and watch trump on faux news and get all the info they need. If they wanted “man on the street” interviews they could wait outside the event and find all the trumpsters they need.

Walter Cronkite, we miss you.