White Supremacist Kingpin David Duke Suspended From Twitter, Then Unsuspended

William Lewis3/06/2017 3:00:04 pm PST

re: #258 Myron Falwell

With all due respect to Sarah and Leah, I would be more concerned about any and all Trump voters than I would be with Trump.

Trump is on a one-way ticket for martyrdom. He will probably be removed by the military or pull a R. Budd Dwyer on live TV.

And the talk radio/Fox spoon-fed low-information conservatives easily have the capacity to go full Jacobin and freely execute people based solely on party affiliation and/or race and creed as acceptable punishment.

Which is why leftists, democrats, women, minorities & etc should arm themselves and be sure to know how to use those arms. Those who would destroy America should not be given an unopposed hand.