Rush Limbaugh, Creationist

realwest5/19/2009 9:41:05 pm PDT

Well there’s no doubt about it, Charles would appear to be right here: Rush is a creationist. I don’t know if Rush wants Creationism taught in our Public Schools - as does the Disco Institute - as part of science classes, but it seems to me that Rush was making a few Rhetorical flourishes here as well and used the Creationism meme for his introduction which he ended with

but I’m more interested in some other missing link. And that is the missing link between our failing economy and prosperity.

and then continued with

How many thousands or millions of years will it be before somebody makes the connection to our failing economy and prosperity, Barack Obama? If we’re looking for missing links, let’s look for him, because right now he’s getting no blame, no coverage whatsoever, as being instrumental in the drop in American prosperity, as the decline in all elements of the American economy. It is his economy. Nobody wants to connect it to him yet. It’s not just Obama. It’s Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as well. It’s one of these things; economy is going to go to hell in a handbasket further, and we wonder how long it will take for the missing link to that to be discovered outside of this program, the missing link there being Barack Obama.

And while I do not denigrate the creationist crap that preceded his first remark about Obama quoted above, and while I have said many times out here that I do think a belief in God and a belief in Evolution are not inherently contradictory and I DO NOT WANT Creationism taught in our public schools, I think a lot of what he was saying was by way of introducing or “preparing” his listeners to the longer quote I referenced above: he’s really after Obama.