Fed Survey: The Economy is Mending

Joshua Cohen9/09/2009 1:49:00 pm PDT

re: #251 zuckerlilly

And you will see young and elderly people sleeping at the sidewalks or between houses. I suppose the youngsters have drug problems.

Well…mostly runaway kids (teens) from across the country. Some do drugs other not so much (besides booze), most stay just a week or maybe two, spending their money on partying…than they just go back home.
Often before joining army or things like that or after a big fight with their more or less strict parents.

But yes there are also some very poor elderly people, esp. from the former soviet-countries, who never really arrived here.
It’s a shame…it would be better to spend more money for them, then for fighting the Arabs.
But if we stop fighting we all will get killed.