Preacher Rick Scarborough Rants Against Bart Simpson, Evolution, and Rachel Maddow

funky chicken4/24/2012 9:18:45 pm PDT

re: #256 freetoken

I don’t believe that is true, at all. If one looks at all the UN directed interventions around the world right now the US has contributed no direct military forces, while large nations like India contribute many.

What you’re referring to, I think, are those actions which the US wanted and then the US gets the UN to “go along”, in other words, not object to, the actions taken by the US - e.g., Iraq, Afhanistan.

You realize I was responding to Gus’s assertion that right wingers object to the UN because they think it stops the US from being able to be unilateral global cops, right? I haven’t seen that argument made by any right wingers I can think of, aside from perhaps Ann Coulter immediately post-911 when she wrote an article saying we should invade Muslim nations and forcefully convert them all to Christianity. An article which got her immediately fired from National Review, of all places.