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Targetpractice1/25/2020 9:50:17 am PST

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I wanted to smack him after he said that and then patted himself on the back for winning equally Republican states in the midwest. Not to mention that he got clobbered here and we’re not exactly a red state. He just doesn’t know how to communicate to a diverse electorate and if we’re stupid enough to nominate him, it will be as clear as day to his ignorant supporters who think he’s a genius.

Biggest issue with Bernie’s message is it’s a reflection of his lily-white surroundings, where racism isn’t as much a problem because minorities are an endangered species. An environment where the divide is less along racial lines and more along economic ones, so that he can genuinely believe that racism is cured if you just get everybody on the same level. And he finds a more ready audience in white folks from similar environments, such as the Midwest where the white folks outnumber the minorities, but are themselves outnumbered by the livestock.

The man truly is the living embodiment of the “Coastal Elite,” the idea that if you just throw enough money around, people’s problems disappear and everybody puts their differences aside.