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McSpiff10/16/2009 6:11:37 pm PDT

re: #255 MandyManners

You like the thought of government having more control of the media? Of television and radio broadcasters having to pay more taxes?

I like the idea that FCC mandates would be regional. Id prefer to see the FCC done at state level, but unfortunately radio waves have a habit of ignoring state lines. So a hybrid regional/national model makes sense to me. So things that generally won’t cause interference outside of 100-mile radius handled regionally, maybe through inter-state commissions but at that point federal might just make more sense. While things like shortwave are handled nationally. If a station starts causing inter-regional interference, bump them up to national. If that makes sense.


I’d like to see state level but I dont think thats practical for radio waves, so localized federal may work best. No new government interference, no new taxes.