Pat Buchanan Promotes 9/11 'Truth'

Gabriel Hanna9/15/2009 4:35:59 pm PDT

@ #154 Fianna

That report which CNN describes as showing no links between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein documents actually says this:

p 34: “When attacking Western interests, the competitive terror cartel
came into play, particularly in the late 1990s. Captured documents reveal that the
regime was willing to co-opt or support organizations it knew to be part of al
Qaeda-as long as that organization’s near-term goals supported Saddam’s long-
term vision.”

p 41: “An example of indirect cooperation is the movement led by Osama bin
Laden. During the 1990s, both Saddam and bin Laden wanted the West, particularly the United States, out of Muslim lands…
“But the similarities ended there: bin Laden wanted-and still wants-
to restore the Islamic caliphate while Saddam, despite his later Islamic rhetoric,
dreamed more narrowly of being the secular ruler of a united Arab nation. These competing visions made any significant long-term compromise between them highly unlikely… In pursuit of their own separate but surprisingly “parallel” visions, Saddam and bin Laden often found a common enemy
in the United States.
“…Saddam’s security organizations and bin Laden’s terrorist network operated with similar aims, at least for the short term. Considerable operational overlap was inevitable when monitoring, contacting, financing, and training the regional groups involved in terrorism. Saddam provided training and motivation to revolutionary pan-Arab nationalists in the region. Osama bin Laden provided training and motivation for violent revolutionary Islamists in the region. They were recruiting within the same demographic, spouting much the same rhetoric, and promoting a common historical narrative that promised a return to a glorious past. That these movements (pan-Arab and pan-Islamic) had many similarities and strategic parallels does not mean they saw themselves in that light. Nevertheless, these similarities created more
than just the appearance of cooperation. Common interests, even without common cause, increased the aggregate terror threat.
“For years, Saddam maintained training camps for foreign “fighters” drawn from these diverse groups. In some cases, particularly for Palestinians, Saddam was also a strong financial supporter. Saddam supported groups that either associated directly with al Qaeda (such as the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, led at one time by bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri) or that generally shared al Qaeda’s stated goals and objectives.

But the reporters at CNN concluded it said “no links”. And then you repeated that, thinking it settled the argument.

But at CNN all they read was the executive summary, which said “no smoking gun” of DIRECT coordination. Sure, Saddam and OBl weren’t plotting together in a bunker somewhere.

But Saddam supplied money, arms and training to people he knew worked for Al Qaeda.

That’s why you need to go back to primary sources.

Here’s the document: