Why I Left the Right, John Birch Society at CPAC Edition

ernie12411/27/2010 2:13:27 pm PST

I copy below comments made by JBS founder Robert Welch to the first meeting of the JBS National Council. These comments are rarely acknowledged by the JBS to be the underlying premises upon which they operate-–even today.

In 2002, the JBS published a new edition of Robert Welch’s so-called “private letter”, The Politician. The JBS describes this 2002 edition on the back cover as “perhaps the most devestating expose of the last century” because it “tells the bitter, but little known, truth” about our postwar history.

Among the “truths” which the JBS wants everyone to read and believe is that President Eisenhower and most of our political leaders and government officials during the past 8 decades have been traitors and conspirators.

And to bring this message into contemporary history, the back cover of the 2002 edition states:

“But most importantly The Politician exposes that ‘conspiracy of gangsters’ which even now is setting America’s foreign and domestic policy.”

JBS officials no longer subscribe to their former pretense which claimed that what Welch wrote in his “private letter” was not connected to the JBS. Instead, they now embrace the content of Welch’s manuscript. See, for example, the Foreword to the new 2002 edition written by the former CEO of the JBS.

Furthermore, in a 8/22/62 letter to Ezra Taft Benson in which he offered to send a copy of his manuscript to Benson, Mr. Welch wrote:

“For there are quite a number of outstanding Americans who are among our strongest and most unshakable supporters who had been made so by reading this document; and we have never really had any trouble with, or criticism from, those who have actually read the ‘letter’ themselves…”

And in the September 1963 JBS Bulletin, Mr. Welch wrote that “The Politician has now proved to be by far the most effective single help to our recruiting efforts.”

Incidentally, the themes, assertions, arguments, and evidence in The Politician differ not one iota from the themes, assertions, arguments and evidence used in JBS literature since its inception — so it is quite disingenuous to propose that there was ever some sort of distinction between what the JBS believes versus what Mr. Welch wrote in his so-called “private letter”.

In private remarks to the first meeting of his JBS National Council on January 9, 1960, at the Union League Club in Chicago, Welch made these observations about the gravity of our situation:

“From a careful and realistic study of the mountainous pile of evidence that is there for all to see, certain terrifying conclusions are objectively inescapable. Among them are:

(1) The Communists are winning their large victories, as they always have, through the cumulative effect of small gains;
(2) They make these gains chiefly through the conniving assistance of many of the very diplomats and officials who are supposed to be opposing them;
(3) Communist influences are now in almost complete working control of our government;
(4) And hence, the United States Government is today, as it has been for many years, the most important and powerful single force promoting the world-wide Communist advance.”

Furthermore, according to the minutes of this meeting, Robert Welch stated:

“Today, gentlemen, I can assure you, without the slightest doubt in my own mind that the takeover at the top is, for all practical purposes, virtually complete. Whether you like it or not, or whether you believe it or not, our Federal Government is already, literally in the hands of the Communists.”

For the complete text of Welch’s remarks, see my JBS Report at:
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