Ann Coulter: RINO, Sodomy Supporter

lawhawk8/18/2010 7:40:58 am PDT

re: #260 jc717

Why would anyone that makes less than 250k/year vote for today’s GOP candidates?
Because the Democrat candidates are worse? Christie v. Corzine comes to mind in NJ.

Why do voters consistently vote against their best interest?
See Rangel, Charles. You bring home the bacon, but you break the law at every turn showing absolute disdain for the rule of law, ethics, and the very tax code that you enact (and write). His constituents love him enough to send him back to DC election after election. Heck, they reelected him comfortably in 2008 despite the revelations about his tax cheating ways becoming an issue during the months leading up to the election. And I suspect he’ll be reelected in November, even as his case goes to the House to decide his fate (and even then, a slap on the wrist will be all he likely gets whereas anyone else in his position would have gotten hit with serious fines and sanctions).

If people voted according to their best self interest, the GOP would get less than 5% of the vote.
They would toss Democrats out left and right in the NYC metro area because the Democrats have controlled the legislature in NJ for decades - with disastrous results for the state budget and NYC and NY budgets have been disastrous for years with absolutely no fiscal accountability or responsibility, leaving taxpayers on the hook for billions.

For NY Democrats, a “fiscally responsible budget” this year is one that was 2.6% higher than last year’s budget, but required more than $1 billion in new taxes and fees. Cut out the higher taxes and fees and keep spending flat didn’t ever enter the equation, despite the fact that the state is essentially bankrupt.