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retired cynic7/11/2018 10:08:44 am PDT

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Is there any other LGF members that would like to assist me in blowing up AT&T?

One month ago I started to try to upgrade my cell phone to get a new phone. It has been nothing but a complete clusterfuck dealing with them.

I have kept notes on this mess, and if anyone from AT&T would see all of these they should be embarrassed that a major communications company can’t communicate, has system issues, no direct phone numbers to what they call “customer retention” and their agents do not keep notes about what they said they were doing, etc.

Am I pissed? You don’t know how much.

I have a good local AT&T store, and they have been johnny on the spot taking care of me for over 15 years. Just upgraded, easy as could be. If I have had a problem in the past, I go in and they fix it, no charge. Could it be your local people?