The Best Moment of Trump's SOTU [VIDEO]

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)2/05/2020 7:18:44 am PST

re: #266 Sherlock Hound

It’s worse than that. They see themselves and everyone else as an idealized Worker. I capitalized that word on purpose, because they want everything to fit 1930’s worker’s class.

Everything and everyone.

I’m on disability. At 57, it is unlikely I will “overcome my disability” and return to full-time work. To the Leninists, I am a parasite. They will call me, and other disabled people, “work-shy”. (Leftist Twitter despises my people as much as Trumpist Twitter does.)

Their “working-class dialectic” was always a fantasy to justify their revolution.

I haven’t seen them go after people with disabilities but I always felt lost in their world. They propose things like free college for all but I find myself wondering where former IEP kids like myself benefit from Bernie’s plans. I’m on board with free community college for all because I think community college is and I speak from personal experience where high school kids can mature academically. I’m just sick of pseudo revolutionary nonsense from the likes of these guys who think their one size fits all solutions are the answer to everything.