Jason Isbell With Chris Thile and Chris Eldridge: "White Man's World"

goddamnedfrank1/27/2019 11:36:09 pm PST

re: #25 Hecuba’s daughter

Sunday afternoon, I went with two girl friends to see Vice. Have to say that I thought it was a terrific film, reminiscent in style to another favorite of mine The Big Short, probably because both were directed and written by Adam McKay. I hated Scalia before the movie — and hate him even more afterward. Certainly informs on how Trump and the modern Republican party arose. Cheney was a more competent (and not treasonous) version of Trump.

I saw it when it opened on Christmas Day, really loved it. Probably the only thing that annoyed me was the incredibly short amount of time spent on the outing of Valerie Plame. They left Fitzgerald’s Special Council investigation and prosecution of Libby and the wedge that Bush’s refusal to pardon Libby drove between him and Dick. I get that it was already getting long but that seemed like important stuff to omit.