Colbert on Trump's Absurdly Bad Advice for the Notre Dame Cathedral [VIDEO]

lawhawk4/17/2019 11:09:57 am PDT

Schumer recruits Amy McGrath to run against McConnell

The lede suggests that it’s more evidence of frayed relations between McConnell and Schumer.

Oh fucking really? McConnell eviscerates comity, holds open the empty Scalia seat preventing Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland from ever getting considered in committee, let alone a vote, and these media hacks continue to treat this like Schumer’s got to maintain some kind of good relations with the guy who has done more damage to the nation than anyone else over the past several years - including Trump and Ryan.

Good. Democrats should be targeting GOPers across the Senate who are up for reelection. To retake the Senate, they’ll have to do much more of this. Democrats have to act with the desperation needed in retaking the House last year.

The only way to begin undoing the damage the GOP has inflicted over the past two years is to take back the Senate, which continues to rubber stamp Trump picks for the judiciary and across the admin (where Trump bothers to actually nominate someone).