In Which Joe Biden Suggests He Might Pick a Republican as Running Mate [VIDEO]

bratwurst12/30/2019 6:02:46 pm PST

re: #24 goddamnedfrank

I’ve seen smart people react strongly to this and I don’t know, it’s just meh for me. I don’ think Biden is going to actually consider a Republican for VP, but instead that this is just part of a larger campaign strategy of not pivoting too much during the primary. I understand why that’s a strong turn off for some, it just doesn’t bother me that much.

It also wouldn’t have made a ton of PR sense at this point in the impeachment proceedings for him to play into a public framing that is another other than bipartisan and reasonable. Particularly given the GOP’s intent to once again try to turn him into a distraction.

You know what would make this concept remotely plausible? If there were ONE SINGLE never-Trump Republican that could help Biden get more than a few dozen extra votes he wouldn’t already get.

There isn’t. Not. One.