Bluegrass Against the Machine: Rising Appalachia: Tiny Desk Concert

mmmirele2/08/2020 12:06:55 pm PST

The “reporter” Julie Roys blocked me on Twitter, presumably because I was unmerciful in calling her out on her attempt to defend deadnaming and misgendering transgender people. *shrug* But you know, the block stepped on my last nerve and I’ve had enough. I’m outside the “household of faith.” I am no longer calling myself Christian, not even a bad Christian.

It breaks my heart, but I can’t be aligned with people who hate like this. I just can’t. People can’t say that they “love” sexual minorities but also work to pass laws that would allow discrimination against LGBTQ people. They can’t claim to “love” transgender people but deadname and misgender them. Etc., etc., etc.

Julie Roys stepped on my last nerve. I’m sure it was a long time coming, but I’m crying right now because I can’t be in something anymore that gave my life meaning for so many decades. I just can’t.