Barrett Brown vs. Donald Douglas

Barrett Brown1/11/2010 12:36:23 pm PST

Here are some more examples of the content at American Renaissance, from the chapter on McCain in my upcoming book on sucky commentators:

Rape—Silent War on SA Women - Another “legacy of apartheid.”

A Quiet End for Boys Choir of Harlem - Destroyed by scandal and tax problems.

Slaying of Drug War Hero’s Family Shocks Mexico - Our lovely neighbors to the south.

Foreign Models Flock to China, Which Embraces a Western Vision of Beauty - Even the Chinese have officially fallen for blondes.

Out of Control Crowd at JFK - Only passengers flying to Haiti required police intervention.

Illegal Alien Arrested for Slashing Throat of Elderly Woman - Another illegal turns on his employer.

California Safeway Store Doors Unlocked During Christmas … People Leave Cash - Ad hoc “honor system” probably wouldn’t have worked in Watts or East LA.

… and here are excerpts from an article that’s up on their main page right now:

Jack Johnson, who was born in Galveston, Texas, but later moved to Chicago, was the original loutish celebrity athlete. In the early 20th century, when white supremacy was still the norm, he taunted his opponents both in and out of the ring, and boasted about his endless fornications with white women…

… This, then, was the background to Johnson’s prosecution under the Mann Act. The act, passed in 1910, got its name from its chief sponsor, Congressman James R. Mann (R-IL). The statute authorized federal prosecution of anyone who transported a woman across state lines “for immoral purposes.” Congress claimed that its authority to regulate interstate commerce could be used to stop the white slave trade. The act was part of a series of religious and Progressive Era reforms aimed at civilizing American society, and the city of Chicago took part enthusiastically in this effort. Johnson, however, continued to flaunt his insatiable sexual appetite, especially in the aftermath of his victory in “the fight of the century”…

…I predict this most recent attempt to rehabilitate Johnson will succeed. After all, he is just the sort of black person we are supposed to admire: In his prime, he could beat any white man in the ring and he debauched untold numbers of white women…