A Response to Killgore Trout and Other Opponents of Wikileaks

boxhead12/13/2010 3:13:48 am PST

Thank you Mr. Brown for your thoughtful post on this subject. I too was/am surprised at the binary response to wikileaks. I always held that wikileaks was a tool that could be used to post information that might not have any other outlet. And certainly much of what they hosted prior to the recent debacle could be considered a positive action illuminating issues that needed to be known. To take a unattached view, in order to act unbiased, wikileaks needed to post information as it came in without editorial oversight. In theory it sounds good, and, IMHO, is something that should still be possible, to a degree.

But….. Upon receiving the vast cache of sensitive documents, wikileaks MUST ask the question, why was this information considered sensitive, secret, etc. Releasing documents that can result in innocents suffering is akin to yelling fire in a very, very large and crowded theater. Just because one can, does not mean they should. Following that is one of the things that should be considered a trait of a positive person. I think I learned that in kindergarten.

To me, Julian Assange is not wikileaks. He is just a person. wikileaks is an idea/tool that can be a force for good or evil, much like the tool Nmap, or Tor and Onion routing.

As far as the DDOS attacks, they are just idiotic. Those that participate in that action probably did not get enough love from their mom or some other issue Freud would have loved to discuss with them. We are a silly species. Unlike just about all others on this planet, portions of us will always engage in destructive behavior. It is amazing we survived this long.