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Dr Lizardo2/13/2020 8:36:51 am PST

re: #225 Anymouse 🌹🎃

Our village clerk who died in 2012 fell into that.

She was stricken with colorectal cancer and died at the age of fifty-two. Aggressive chemotherapy is tough on a person, and she was swayed into discontinuing that and going to an “alternative medicine” practitioner in Chicago (read quack) for Vitamin B-17 therapy.

She was a member of the Lutheran Church across the street from my house though: As far as I know they don’t push for alternative medicine or substituting prayer for medicine.

I’d really like to know who looped her into thinking cyanide was a better treatment than standard medical treatment for cancer.

When I was about 12 or so, my dad told me the story of a co-worker of his back in the late 1960s who developed cancer - and decided to forgo medical treatment and instead believed drinking oceans of green tea would cure him.

His co-worker died less than eight months later. And that’s how I learned that woowoo is no substitute for medical science.