Pat Buchanan Promotes 9/11 'Truth'

Throbert McGee9/15/2009 4:51:12 pm PDT

Hey, — is the cookbook going to include a page with a detailed metric conversion table like this? It definitely should, because outside of the U.S., many people are accustomed to measuring granular ingredients like flour, sugar, rice, etc. by mass in grams, making a straightforward volume conversion (e.g., 1 cup = 240 cc) impractical. Also very helpful: a table of Fahrenheit, Celsius, and “gas mark” temperature equivalents.

(Though I don’t think we need to utterly spoil non-U.S. Lizards by including a glossary to explain that “graham crackers” ≈ “digestive biscuits”, for example — let the lazy mofos Google.)

/scaly coldblooded hands across the water