The Bob Cesca Show: Smarter Moles

electrotek9/11/2018 7:52:28 pm PDT

re: #233 sagehen

You can’t discount what a difference it makes that NYC is NYC.

All the networks are headquartered here; they could film it from their own windows. And all the on-air personalities had personal friends and neighbors downtown, their kids went to school with people whose parents work at WTC. Lots of media people live downtown, where they could smell the fires. Jon Stewart, among others, had to move out of his apartment for more than 6 months until the toxic dust could be cleaned out of the place (and had to replace pretty much all the contents of his home).

Hurricane Maria killed and dislocated just as many people, but they weren’t New Yorkers so it gets way less attention.


Imagine if 9/11 happened in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, or even Dubai instead.