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Dr Lizardo2/26/2019 10:12:48 am PST

re: #264 HappyWarrior

I was talking about why I dislike Trump for reasons unrelated to ideology last night and I settled on this: the lack of intellectual curiosity, humility, & how he treats people. I could have gone on more further but those three stick in my head.

When the Central Park 5 were cleared, the obvious thing to do would’ve been to say, publicly, “Wow, I spoke rashly; now I can see that they were wrongly convicted, and I hope that they’ll be compensated for this miscarriage of justice and I also ask that they accept my deepest apologies for my earlier remarks. I take back what I said, and to be blunt, I should’ve never said it at all.”

Trump - nah, he just fucking doubled-down on his BS.