Bernie Sanders Suspends His Campaign (Full Speech)

Belafon4/08/2020 1:45:26 pm PDT

re: #267 danarchy

So this may not be a popular opinion here, but everybody reflexively trying to shit on hydroxychloroquine kind of bothers me. The science isn’t in, studies are in process. Doctors all over the world were already using hydroxychloroquine to treat covid before Trump ever mentioned it because it is cheap, has known antiviral properties and also has immuno suppressive properties that reduces inflamation which is why it is used to treat RA and why it could potentially help reduce inflammation in the lungs.

As for it being unproven, well covid-19 is novel, there are no proven treatments. Anything any doctor prescribes is unproven. There are doctors trying all sorts of antivirals because when you have someone in front of you going south fast you do what you can.

Trump is an idiot for putting so much emphasis on HCQ but how about letting the studies finish before making the same mistake in the other direction.

We are going after the people who are using it to distract from their failures, making people think it’s a wonder drug, causing people harm by hoarding it, trying to make money off of it, without any proof that it does anything. It is perfectly fine for us to go after them.

As for the drug itself, though, it has a number of possible side effects, which is why the French and Swedes have stopped testing. I also make fun of the drugs on TV that talk about how they can help you, but one possible side effect is death.