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Yeah Sure WhatEVs11/26/2020 9:46:36 am PST

re: #262 Hecuba’s daughter

Does anyone know whether someone with the requisite skills has plowed through the Sidney Powell filings and can testify whether some new Federalist Society judge might find merit in the accusations? You need a trial to evaluate the documents and it would seem that such a trial could take weeks — well past the inauguration. So is the whole purpose to throw out the votes in those states? Only the presidential votes? To get SCOTUS to rule that the case has merit and the votes cannot count until a lower court has adjudicated the findings? Given that SCOTUS just issued a 5-4 ruling to approve the zombie apocalypse, I would not put any evil beyond this corrupted SCOTUS, especially given Roberts fondness for voter suppression.

The last Federalist judge went against them in a blistering way.