Mitt #Romney, Pamela Geller, EDL's Tommy Robinson, Robert Spencer and John Bolton

kirkspencer10/16/2012 7:30:12 am PDT

re: #271 AK-47%

In Germany, the employer has to make a case that your actions are so dire that they endanger his ability to focontinue to employ you and other co-workers. Publishing peeping tom shots would probably fall under that in most cases unless you were working for an Internet porn site…

Because of one of his sites, I think it would be easier in Germany. Even without that one, he’s easily met standards for dismissal in most nations.

Trolling is borderline (if not full) incitement. It’s intended to disrupt, to evoke reactions so strong it derails normal behavior. And he ran several such sites.

He doesn’t just have creepshots and jailbait. He also had n*****jailbait and jewmerica and hitler (the one that’d get him in Germany) and picsofdeadkids and a lot more equally bad if not worse. All were intended to troll - to offend and evoke disruptive reaction.

I am completely unsurprised he is losing his job.