Right Wing Troll Chuck C. Johnson Pleased at Colorado Planned Parenthood Attack

Lani11/28/2015 4:25:42 am PST

I can’t believe this shit is still going on. I’m an old woman now, and this stupid crap about controlling a woman’s body has gone on too long. In the late ‘60’s, it was horribly difficult to get the pill if single. The doctors who would prescribe it basically treated single women as trash. And women I know sought illegal abortions. Thankfully, they all survived.

Then Roe v Wade, woohoo! I was a young married woman and working my way through college with my husband. We should have been young lovers, but the pressure was enormous to get married. I lived in fear of pregnancy as I watched my friends give up their dreams when they became pregnant and somewhat reluctantly settled into being housewives.

I lived just outside of WDC. Every day as I drove to work, I saw the protesters outside of Planned Parenthood. I called PP to tell the frightened person who answered that I was grateful to know that I didn’t have to give up everything I dreamed of because I was pregnant. The receptionist cried. And I did, too. During the years that followed, I joined in protecting PP by forming circles around the buildings to protect them from threats and escorting patients into the building.

About 15 years later, I was pregnant and happily so. Genetic testing showed a potential severe disability. I was within 48 hours of having the legal option to abort. I needed to study the situation and reach a conclusion, but also faced the probability that I would be harassed in the hospital because someone was leaking info to anti people. Frigging nightmare. No internet at the time, so I called up researchers on the phone, weighed options, and decided the odds were in our favor the baby would likely not be destined to a short and sad life. (And indeed, he is doing fine!) Had I chosen to abort, I would have needed to fly to another state.

I would like to be a better person, but truth is that I hate everyone who interferes with these profoundly difficult decisions. Just shut the fuck up. I’ll stop there. Please pardon the rant.