Ted Cruz Says Anti-Vaccination Parents Have a "Religious" Right to Put Children at Risk

OhNoZombies!2/03/2015 3:32:54 pm PST

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You know, I never thought about that but that’s a good point. Really, I’m lucky to live in this era. I don’t think I could have graduated high school if I had lived in a different time. Well maybe high school but no way in hell would I have graduated college. The resources available to special needs students (in my case giving me an accommodation to type my tests) was such a big own experiences are why I don’t like people who take for granted the progress made and also romanticize the past.

I just wish I had been diagnosed with ADD before age 35. I can’t help but think I would have finished college, and probably would have been saved from tremendous heartache academically. Unfortunately, quiet, inattentive girls were overlooked back then.