Dr. Tiller Shot to Death at Wichita Church

HoosierHoops5/31/2009 11:28:04 am PDT

re: #247 Shug

Preachers didn’t kill tiller
talk radio didn’t kill tiller
radio waves transmitted through mercury fillings didn’t kill tiller

a fucking crazy asshole killed him.

blaming the preachers, the TV, the radio is as wrong as blaming Tiller. After all, Tiller did some inflammatory medical practices. Why not blame him?
( that’s what the radical right wing is doing . they are blaming him he brought it on. he deserved it )

Blame the SOB who killed him and nobody else

quit making excuses .

Hey friend..Hope you are well
We are quick to blame the education of children in the ME.. To kill Jewish Children..The most vile things via TV..
So influence via parents, TV and society is fair..
Hell..We could drive south for 2 hours today and be in church handling rattlesnakes…How do think those kids will work out? :)
/Watching NASCAR ….