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Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus4/24/2012 5:51:15 pm PDT

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No sapiens in Spain 84000 year ago?

Well, this gets back to the topic of the thread, evolution.

Take, for example, this headline today from a story that’s been buzzing around for a week:
Genetic Survey Shows Polar Bears Evolved Far Earlier Than Previously Recognized

Notice how VOA uses the past tense ‘evolved’.

A Population of organisms is continually evolving, as long as it is reproducing.

In reality, Polar Bears are still evolving (and will probably be driven to extinction by you and me).

The genus Homo has had very many different populations that we now know have interbred.

In the world of systematic biology the “lumpers” vs. the “splitters” is a long battle. I remain perplexed why some people want to split species (a contentiously defined termed) of closely related populations that can interbreed, though I realize there are real differences between populations.

Anyway, getting to your question, AFAIK, no one places H. sapiens in Iberia at this time.