This Is Songwriting: James Taylor, "Enough to Be on Your Way"

Sir John Barron2/06/2020 8:27:40 am PST

re: #273 LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)

Yep- Rep Schiff didn’t say the heads on pike comment, he repeated it from a story and you know what? Nothing has proven what he repeated wrong. It wasn’t even a hour after Romney voted to remove on article 1 that Trump Jr who everyone knows wants to take his father’s place on the golden toilet seat called for Mitt’s removal and then there was that bizarre ad that Frank linked to last night. They’re open about it. Cross Trump and you will become a non-person to the Trump WH. Mitt won’t be at the RNC this summer I’m sure.

I assume the response from Team Orange will be:

“So what he deserves to be angry and people should pay!”