John Oliver Takes a Good Look at Whacked Out Far Right Propaganda Network OAN [VIDEO]

Ace Rothstein4/06/2020 3:56:18 pm PDT

I slipped on an rock on a pool waterfall last Monday and got a nasty deep cut from it on my left leg, as well as a good skid mark up my thigh. It didn’t bleed for about an hour and then I went to a local clinic when it did. I got ten stitches, and was told the lack of bleeding at first was because my body was in shock. Two or three days after I’m in the shower, I noticed a purple like bruise near the base of my foot on the same leg but there’s no pain at all. Until this morning, my leg has been really sore and irritated from it with some swelling at the cut. Is it possible this foot “bruise” is from some lack of circulation from the accident? I get the stitches removed on Wednesday.