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wheat-dogg, raker of forests, master of steam11/04/2012 4:36:22 am PST

re: #275 Joanne

I have a friend who does winter camping at the boundary waters in MN. Purpose? No freaking clue. Who camps in sub-zero weather? Why do people camp in sub-zero weather? I don’t get it. Never will. (Of course, I don’t get camping in good weather. But that’s just me. I like a bed, toilet and hot bath, when I’m roughing it. :-)

When I lived in Wyoming, I had two friends (a couple) who were hunters and loved winter camping. Like you, I didn’t quite get the appeal, and still don’t. Anyway, these two visited Kodiak on a camping trip and loved it so much they moved there!

Maybe it’s a way to thumb your nose at Mother Nature and say, yeah, I’m tough enough to sleep outside in weather that will freeze your toes and fingers off.

Me, I’d rather be warm, especially as I approach retirement age.