We Take a Short Trip Down the QAnon Rabbit Hole

Florida Panhandler7/09/2018 3:10:58 pm PDT

I know firsthand about this QAnon sense sh*tpile nest of theories for awhile now. My own brother, yet another “Mr Personal Responsibility” …” Independent Libertarian ” (aka hard-right wing voting Republican) has fallen down this rabbit hole since the beginning and has been posting his fellowship with these nutjobs as such. My situation is like a lot of other white people in this day- split apart from their families by polarized politics and racist views. We are in the midst of a new civil war. This one is not being fought on the battlefields with muskets and bayonets . It is being fought online and in business board rooms, restaurants, and big box stores. It is being fought on broadcast cable and streams. It is tearing apart the fabric of a lot of families in similar fashion to that during the 1860’s and 1960’s.

Another consistent right wing thing about my own brother… Mr. “Personal Responsibility” had to borrow $$$ thousands from me a few years ago for a self-caused financial crisis and has yet to even mention paying me back. The right wing seems to specialize in personal gain and stiffing the other guy whenever possible.