The Bob Cesca Podcast: Sanctimonious Dingwad

Decatur Deb5/10/2019 3:30:41 pm PDT

re: #27 Backwoods_Sleuth

so, had an appointment with my eye doctor this morning.
Knew I was gonna need new glasses since my old eyes have gotten significantly craptastic this past year.
But, wait…there’s MORE!

I have cataracts starting to sneak in.
Yay me!


Assuming good insurance, cataracts are almost NBD. They are so sneaky that you get a really delightful boost in vision when they’re removed. After a few years, my doc used a 2-minute laser treatment to “polish” my replacement lenses, giving another notable boost. Bottom line: I can see much better, with almost no use of reading glasses, than I could 7 years ago.