In Which Joe Biden Suggests He Might Pick a Republican as Running Mate [VIDEO]

mmmirele12/30/2019 6:03:49 pm PST

I got CL’ed. Herewith, another woman on the subject of Titanic and Little Women.

I didn’t read “Little Women” as a girl because I just wasn’t into it. My favorite fiction book as a kid was “Harriet the Spy,” which is pretty far from “Little Women.” I’d note that “Harriet the Spy” gave me a weird look on upper-class New York City in the 1960s. I’m still amazed it got published because it is so incredibly subversive. What other book has an adult character tell the central kid character “sometimes you have to lie”?

But for comfort books, books I’d check out of the library when I just wanted to do some comfort reading, those were the astronomy books. Every single time. And yes, I know I’m weird.

I did read “Little Women” as an adult but it wasn’t like something I just loved. Just like I saw Titanic one time and took away from it how insane the class differences were. There’s a scene where Rose’s mother is helping her dress, lacing her into a corset and basically telling her she has to marry the creepy guy because their finances require it. Mom is so emphatic she laces Rose VERY tight. I’m pretty sure that’s not what James Cameron wanted me to get out of it, but I did.