New From Seth Meyers: Sarah Sanders Says Congress Is Not "Smart Enough" to Deal With Trump's Tax Returns

Hecuba's daughter4/16/2019 10:51:33 am PDT

re: #260 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

Because so much effort has been put into making White Nationalism an acceptable point on the political spectrum instead of something that is totally contrary to America and its values.

A couple days ago, my sister and I were discussing the historical flaws in our country and she reminded me of Andrew Cuomo’s widely criticized statement, pushing back against Trump, that America was never that great . White supremacy was born in the US — it’s contrary to our stated ideals but not the values that many hold in this nation. After all, Trump would never have been elected if 10’s of millions of Americans did not support these views. Think of all those who are offended by efforts to remove Confederate statues from public places.

We need to repudiate the past and current evils : slavery, genocide of native Americans, Japanese internment camps, suppression of women and gays and transgendered among many others. Unless we can persuade many of the millions who voted for Trump of the error of their ways, we will never be able to reclaim our position as a world leader in promoting democratic values.