So Good: Bon Iver's Full Concert at Brooklyn's Pioneer Works

wrenchwench12/31/2016 11:01:17 am PST

re: #276 HappyWarrior

Yeah I hate seeing that. I look for jobs and see entry level and I think hey great, I could do this, and then I see that I need a certain amount of experience that I certainly don’t have. In a way, even though I’m non-paying at my present job, I’m grateful to the lawyer I work for since he took a chance on me even though I’m not a law student and has been patient with me. More employers could benefit from that.

You must be doing good for him, you haven’t lost your articulate edge, your typing speed, nor your insight. He might be doing some good for you, too. Except for cutting in to your LGF time, that’s not good, but it happens to many of us.