Bernie Sanders Suspends His Campaign (Full Speech)

Chrysicat4/08/2020 1:53:04 pm PDT

re: #232 I Don’t Take Responsibility At All (dangerman)

sore loser laws say no

Sore loser laws seem to not exist for Presidential electors in most states (since both they’re theoretically being the ones truly elected, and even more-liberal SCsOTUS have held that when it comes to Federal office, the States aren’t permitted to make a single law altering the Constitution’s requirements whether it adds to or subtracts from them, and the best case is that Congress can change them via statute, the medium case is that only an amendment can alter them, and the worst case is that not even an amendment could alter them and you would need to abrogate the whole Constituition and technically create a new country on this one’s turf in order to do anything about it, just like the “equal representation” clause for the Senate.)

I wish I was wrong, but I looked it up because I had been confident about that, but I found credible evidence elsewhere when it looked like Tulski was the sore loser we had to worry about that we were out of exactly no woods that way.