Chuck C. Johnson Says He’s Advising the Trump Administration on Nominees - and He’s a Holocaust Denier

HappyWarrior1/27/2017 2:25:20 pm PST

re: #281 MsJ

Average DC Metro Ridership per Wikipedia: 836,800 per week, calculating a 5 day week (which would be high); 167,360 daily.

For you crowd size folks: Metro rail ridership as of 11 a.m.:
March for Life (today): 237K 69k
Women’s March: 275K
Trump’s Inauguration: 193K

Still too damn many, even if it was 10k.

As an aside, I went to the Rally to Restore Sanity and the Metro was insane. I cannot image with Obama’s inauguration was like. This too is from Wikipedia:

I was at that rally too. It was packed that day: