The Mueller Report: Annotated and Searchable

ObserverArt4/18/2019 3:13:18 pm PDT

re: #281 Belafon

I have three reasons I worry about jumping into impeachment:
1. I lived through Clinton’s. The thing that kept him from being convicted was the public was not convinced he should be. That hurt Republicans.
2. I live in a very red area, so I see what a lot of people around here think of Trump. Someone even wrote G.O.A.T. for Trump at the gym.
3. Fox.

I want him out of office in 2020 and a Democrat in office and Democrats in control of both chambers. That is my only goal. Whatever makes that happen.

I think there are a lot of people who will have to be convinced. Right now, Manchin will vote against conviction, and there will probably be a few House Reps that Pelosi would have to let go. And that would destroy party unity. That’s why I think we will have to build up to it.

We are a representative government. It is now time for the public to weigh in. It is time for the media to make a change on how they see all of this so the public can start to get the real message. There has got to be heat put on all of congress.

Or, the Republicans will stonewall any impeachment and turn it all into a game to rile up that nasty base and try to sell America it was all a Democratic stunt to take down a president for politics.