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McSpiff10/16/2009 6:22:18 pm PDT

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“localized federal” does not exist, it is a contradiction in terms.

re: #270 MandyManners

The states already have regulators of common carriers.

I’ll just reply to you both in one post. Ideally id like to see the FCC disbanded and turned over to the states. This can be done for everything carried by wires, i.e cable tv and internet. The problem arises with broadcast media. What is done when station A in state Y causes interference to station B in state Z? To me this falls under the inter-state commerce clause, and should be handled by the federal government. However, the odds of a TV station in LA interfering with a TV station in NYC are essentially 0. So, id like to see the Federal CC work with the State CC on these type of cases, essentially having a regional FCC to work with the state CCs to resolve the inter-state but still localized interference issues. For truly nationwide broadcasts such as short wave, these should still be regulated by a Federal CC as they effect all states.