Imam Rauf on CNN

Laughing Gas9/09/2010 1:26:47 am PDT

I think that Rauf needs to answer some questions about that tenement/slum he owns in Jersey City. This kinds of issues can sink any positive feelings people have about this issue.

Also, did anybody watch the Anderson Cooper roundtable after the interview? They interviewed this construction crew chief named Andy Sullivan (weird coincidence) who is steadfastly opposed to the center. Here’s a link about his background and position. At first, I thought this guy was solely motivated by grief and bitterness over the attack. Then I checked out his website,, and it turns out he’s a loony right-wing Glenn Beck acolyte who’s been posting for a year now. There’s a nice little post there regarding his view of Hispanic immigrants, and he constantly refers to the president as Barack Hussein Obama (emphasis on Hussein). Apparently Anderson Cooper didn’t bother to check this out and question him on this.