The Ron Paul Tea Parties

stevieray4/15/2009 12:15:51 pm PDT

Just got back from the Tea Party at Belmar, NJ. It is 40 degrees, raining and sometimes sleeting, with a 20 - 30 mph wind… a classic spring nor’easter… and there was 250 - 300 people there. Since no one was staying too long. and there was a constant stream of families coming and going from the rally, I’d guess the total turnout was 500 - 700 people.

Funny, there were few, if any, kooks.

I saw a few local business owners, many of whom I know for a fact are Democrats (of the sane JFK/Truman variety).

I saw a few signs ripping the exploding debt (too wet and windy, most folks had no placards with them).

I watched a steady stream of cars go by, honking and waving in support, on a road that normally would be nearly empty on a cold, rainy day in April.

I heard a few speakers leading the crowd in anti-bailout chants.

I didn’t see any obvious signs of Paulian infestation… just cold, wet. yet smiling Americans.