Video: Belgium's Trump Balloon Is Even More Disgraceful and Disgusting

Blind Frog Belly White7/11/2018 4:07:41 pm PDT

re: #26 Targetpractice

Personal view: If you are anything more than third generation immigration (i.e. your ancestors migrated earlier than the 1960s), then you can fuck right the fuck off about “We did the right way!” And if you’ve ever belched anything about how “they won’t assimilate!” out of one side of your face while promoting your proud German/Italian/Polish/Irish/etc heritage…you can fuck off from fucking off.

Pretty much all of my ancestors immigrated when there were no rules. Many came when there was no USA. They didn’t ‘do it the right way’. They did it the way everyone else did - arrived by boat, disembarked, and never left.