Huckabee defends denying insurance for pre-existing conditions, compares it to getting insurance for burnt-down house

drboobooday9/18/2010 10:01:53 am PDT

Wow, so he is basically categorizing people with pre-existing conditions as criminals, fraudsters. How dare they try to get health insurance when they are sick! Scammers! Obviously trying to steal from the healthy and wealthy. Damn you sickies.

Of course, Mr. Huckabee, you must conveniently forget those of us who were diagnosed with a chronic, life-long condition as children, and cannot buy health insurance AT ANY PRICE. What kind of free market is that? No matter how much money I have or am willing to pay, employees at Blue Cross have been instructed not to even let me fill out an application for health insurance.

I guess my parents should have just bulldozed or junked me as a child, like you would a burned-out house or totalled car.